Sant nagari

Outline Of The Project

  •   The Vision of Santnagari is to create an opportunity and forum to expose people to the lives and lessons of the Great Saints of        India.
  •   The proposed site is located at Mahor village near Dharoi Dam in Vadali Taluka of Sabarkantha district.
  •   Total Estimated Cost of the project will be Rs. 575.20 Cr.
  •   Proposal sent to Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India on 11th March 2016 under PRASAD Scheme.

Salient Features

  •   Santnagari will be divided into six geographical zones of India
    •   Gujarat
    •   North India
    •   South India
    •   East and North-East
    •   West India
    •   Central India
  •   Construction of Various Components like Observatory, Aura Institute etc maintaining historically significant geographical                 cultural and spiritual elements.
  •   Amphitheatre, Audio Visual hall, Library, Multimedia Show, lecture hall, Gallery, Divya Stambh, Dharma Stambh, Kirti Toran,        sacred Kund, Ghats, etc.
  •   Landscape Strategy zone wise maintaining state wise flora i.e. trees, plants and herbs.
  •   Jantar Mantar, historically important rivers, lakes, mountains shall be constructed.
  •   An opportunity will be provided to understand the life of the great saints and their guidelines and lessons.

Land and Fund Availbility

  •   Government of Gujarat has allocated Rs. 11 crores in the year 2016-17 and Rs. 21.50 Crores in the budget 2017-18 for this        project.
  •   A proposal seeking GoI funding amounting to INR 575 Crores under the PRASAD Scheme of Ministry of Tourism has been sent        on 11/03/2016.
  •   Possession of the land admeasuring 426 acre taken in the month of February, 2017.
  •   For remaining land requirement, process is going on.


  •   Three Tiered Committees for Implementation and maintenance of the Project.
    •   Policy level committee under the chairmanship of Hon. C.M.
    •   High Power executive Committee under the chairmanship of Hon. Minister (Yatradham).
    •   Administrative District Level Committee under the chairmanship of Collector, Sabarkantha.
  •   N.O.C. received from Forest Department & Gram Panchayat.
  •   Environment Impact Assessment Study for environment clearance completed and application made to GoI.
  •   Seismographic and soil investigation survey, Total Station survey completed.
  •   Four Helipad and Road widening and re-surfacing completed.

The Way Forward

  •   In the Meeting held on 15.02.2017 chaired by Secretary, Tourism, GOI, decision for funding of Phase-1 after deducting the          allocation made by State Govt.
  •   Also decided that the Phase-1 should have all the facilities so that it should not be dependent on the development of          subsequent phases.
  •   Written Communication from GOI awaited.
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