Vission & Mission

Aims of board

  • This Board receives declared proposals on small and big developmental work from the relevant collector of six sacred religious places of Government namely Somnath, Ambaji, Girnar, Palitana, Dakor and Dwarka, approves them and undertaken them by sanctioning financial assistance. Accordingly, the money is allotted.
  • Finalisation of development maps of these Yatradhams.
  • Constitution of administrative committee related to the development of Yatradham by getting Government approval.
  • Getting approval of Government for the day-today management and rules of administrative matters of Yatradhams and implementation of the same.
  • Any developmental work related to Yatradhams and religious places of state entrusted by the Government.
  • Maintenance of holiness, cleanliness and beauty etc, at Yatradham.
  • Planning for making available various facilities for the pilgrims at Yatradhams.
  • Acceptance of gifts, fund, donation etc, and integrated planning to use it for the development of Yatradhams.
  • Undertaking various basic developmental works like water, sewerage, parab, road and garden in a planned manner at Yatradham.
  • Providing food and other requirements (including cash) to the piligrious at the time of natural calamity.
  • Acquisition of immovable properties in relation to the overall development at Yatradhams and modifications in the same.
  • Publication of public important literature related to Yatradhams and observation on the use of it for the public.
  • Consultation with the government, semi-government and voluntary organizations referring to the objectives of board in development of Yatradham and fulfillment of the same.
  • Undertaking project for research on these Yatradhams and constitution of a committee in this reference if required.
  • Agreements with relevant authority, Municipal Corporation, local authority etc, in relation to the development of Yatradham.
  • Organization of conferences, meetings, functions etc, related to development of Yatradham.
  • Undertaking any development work for the aims of board and the agreement under the same.
  • Publishing sufficient information on various activities of board for the public through newspaper. Exhibition at various places and publication of such literature in the form of books.