यत्र गंगा च यमुना । यत्र प्राची सरस्वती । यत्र सोमेश्वरो देव: तत्र माममृतं कृधी । इन्द्रायेन्दो परिस्त्रव ।।

The myth....

In 1225 A.D. Bhavbruhaspati wrote the pean of Somnath. According to him, the Somnath temple was first built by Soma. In another era, Ravana converted It in to a silver temple, Lord Krishna built the wooden temple, Bhima built it with stone and ultimately, during the period of Kumarpal, Bhavbruhaspati, the contemporary "Mathapati" accomplished renovation of the temple on a large scale.

The Somnath temple was invaded and looted several times in history, first in 1297 by Mahmud Ghazni, then in Samvat 1394 by Afazalkhan, a Sardar (Army leader) of Allauddin Khilaji; it was also looted in 1390, 1451, 1590, 1530 and then for the last time in 1707 by Aurangzeb. The temple was looted as many as 17 times.

When the foundation of the new Somnath temple was excavated, remains of excellent quality of sculptures of the old temple from the Maitrak period up to Solanki period were found at the depth of 13 feet. Of these, the relics of Shiv Tripurantak, Nataraj, Bhairav, Yogi etc. are remarkable.

One of the twelve Jyotirlinga of "Aryavarat"

Situated on the coast of Sindhu sagar (Arabian Sea) in Saurashtra, Somnath is a world renowned place of pilgrimage, particularly for the Hindus. It is believed that the earth originated with the emergence of the "Lingam" of Somnath. according to the myth, Soma i.e. the moon god married with 27 daughters of King Daksha Prajapati but he Favoured one particular daughter named Rohini. This made the other 26 daughters unhappy.

The complained King Daksha, their father, about this. King Daksha cursed the moon for the injustice done to his daughters and as a result, the moon started shrinking which had disastrous effect on the earth. The moon performed rigorous penance to please Lord Shiva in order to regain his power of Light. At last, Lord Shiva appeared at his place and delivered the moon from the curse of king Daksha. Pilgrims flock this place for the 'Darshan' of the "Lingam" of Lord Shiva who, Pleased by the worship of the moon good, appeared at this place.

The Somnath Temple located at this place, was renovated by Ahalyabai Holker, the late queen of landor in state of M.P.. The temple achieved its highest glory in the 10th century, At that time the temple had a bell made of pure gold and its dome, walls and the doors were gold plated. Mahmud Ghazni invaded the temple for 17 times for the loot of gold. At present, a new Somnath Temple has been built near by the ancient temple. The new temple is the result of the firm resolve made by Sardar Patel, the Iron man of India.


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