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Lord Rishabhdeve, the first'Tirthanka?' of Jain religion and the ancient pioneer of human culture graced this place of Pilgrimage for 99 Parva times (a parva = 84 lakh x 84 lakh). From among the 24 Tirthankars of Jain religion, 23 Trithankars, except Neminath, gave the message of Jainism from the soil of this holy place.

Situated on the bank of river shetrunji in the district of Bhavnagar, Palitana is a 1200 years old place of pilgrimage. Its a world renowned place. The name Palitana is derived from Padaliptpur - Palittanak Acharya Pradaliptasuri's disciple Nagarjuna built the village and gave it the name Padliptapur. The holy place is located at the height of 1800 ft. on mounteein Shetrunjya. After climbing 3475 step, one can reach to the Derasarof Shri Adishwar Bhagavan. It is said that Vastupal and Tejpal prepared a path by arranging stones so that the devotees can reach to the holy place. The entire hill fort area Is spread across 20 acres of land and houses 108 big 'Derasars' and 872 'Deris'. Apart from this, there are about seven thousand Jain idols here. In terms of exquisite stone carving and sculpting, the place is unmatched in the world. In the ancient time, Pundarik swami, the 'Ganadhar' of Bhagavan Rishabhdeve, came here to achieve 'Moksha' and therefore It Is also known as "Pundarikgirr. The first temple on the Shri Glriraj, the ShetrunJya, was built by king Bharat and the original temple of Adishwar Bhagavan was built by King Vikram. Apart from this, there are many other historical temples and holy places here including a temple built by Kumarpal, the Bhavani lake built by Pruthvlraj Chauhan, a stone temple built by Uda Maheta. All these places are worth a sight. The holy place was renovated by Shresthi Javadasha one thousand years ago. This place of pilgrimage has undergone renovation as many as 16 times. Each temple here has a history of Its own. Every year, more than four lac pilgrims come here In the form of sangh. During the entire pilgrimage, they observe very hard and rigorous rules. From the foot of the mountain, they have to climb 3745 steps stretching up to three and a half kms. to reach to the peak. From the peak of mountain ShetrungJya, the landscape of river ShetrunJi flowing In the south provides a beautiful sight. Here the sculpture and architecture of the temple of Adinath Bhagvan, the first Tirthnkar of Jainism is very artistic. Other major temples are those of Kumalpal, Vimal shah and Chaumukhl. Lacs of Jain pilgrims flock this holy place for "Parlkrama" on Fagan Sud Teras, Chaitri Purnima and Vaishakh Sud Trlj. The route of Parlkrama is 18 kms. long, pilgrims complete the parlkrama either on foot unaided or with a stick or In a 'doll'. Overnight stay on the mountain is proscribed. No Pilgrims are allowed for Parlkrama during the 'Chaturumas'

The Idols In the temples adorn precious Jewelry and therefore prior sanction of the firm of Kalyanaji Anandji is required to have a glimpse of these Jewelry.


  • Bhagwan Adishvar Jain Teerth
  • Laxmandham Temple
  • Kumar Pal Temple
  • Shatrunjay Hill
  • Vishal Jain Museum
  • Vimal Shah Temple
  • Sampriti Raj Temple
  • Agam Mandir
  • Bhawani Lake
  • Bramani Mata Mandir
  • Hanuman Dhara
  • Jambu Deep Mandir
  • Kamal Mandir
  • Khodiyar Mandir
  • Meldi Mataji Mandir
  • Nagnath Mandir
  • Padmavati Mata Ni Deri
  • Radha Krishna Temple
  • Shatrunjay Jain Museum
  • Shri Kal Bhairav Dev Mandir


By road

  • Vadodara - 310 kms
  • Surat - 432 kms.
  • Bhavnagar - 50 kms
  • Gandhlnagar - 231 kms.

Nearest railway station - Bhavnagar and Palitana

Nearest Airport - Bhavnagar

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