।। या देवी सर्वभूतेषु शक्ति रुपेण संस्थिता ।।

The myth....

According to the myth, Mahisasur, the Rakshasa, performed 'Tap' to please god "Agarni" (the fire god) who gave Mahisasur the boon that no weapon with masculine mane would be able to kill him. Mahisasur defeated the 'Devas' with the help of this boon and got hold of the 'Indrasan', He destroyed the 'Ashrams' of the rishis. He then set his sight on Vaikuntha, the abode of Lord Vishnu and Kailash, the abode of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva asked the Devas to invoke the goodess Amba for help. with the invocation, the goddess appeared and killed Mahisasur. Therefore, the goddess is also known as Mahisasur maradini.

According to another myth, Lord Ram and Lakshman came to the Ashram of Shrungi Rishi, located on the south of the forest of mount Abu, when they went in search of Sitaji. The rishi told them to invoke goddess Amba which Lord Ram and Lakshmana did. Pleased by their invocation, the goddess gave them and arrow called ajay with which Lord Ram killed Ravana.

Narration in yet another story says that Nand and Yashoda came to Gabbar in Dhwapar Era for the "Babri" ceremony (Shaving of head) of Lord Krishna and stayed here for three days and performed "Pooja" of Lord Shiva and Goddess Ambaji.

The Arasury - Ambaji, a holy place

Located near the border of Gujarat and Rajasthan on the northern side of Gujarat and amidst the mountain ranges of Aravali, Ambaji is a world famous place of pilgrimage. It has been mentioned in the puranas that earlier there was a forest called Ambika Van here. Ambaji is situated at the height of 1580 ft. from the sea level. In the temple of Ambaji, the actual idol of the goddess is not worshiped. Instead pooja of the Visa Yantra is performed in the temple. According to the belief, the, the Yantra placed in the sanctum Santorum is associated with the original yantra placed inside the Shaktipithas at Ujjain and Nepal. The yantra is believed to have fifty one letters. The pooja on the yantra is performed on the "astami" of each month. Flow of pilgrims here continues throghout the year unabated. However, on the full moon day, the pilgrims visit this place in large numbers to offer flags to the temple. From the religious point of view. Ambaji is a very significant Shaktipitha in India. This place is believed to be the source of river saraswati and the famous ancient abode of "Adyashakti". The ancient abode of goddess Amba is located in a cave at the peak of mountain Gabbar at a distance of two kms. from Ambaji. The Navaratri festival is celebrated with tremendous enthusiasm and gusto at Ambaji. A fair is held here on the day of Bhadaravi Purnima each year. Pilgrims travel on foot from far flung places to come to Ambaji and have a Darshan of the goddess. They feel blessed in doing so.


By road

  • Gandhinagar - 155 KMs.
  • Rajkot - 404 KMs.
  • Ahmedabad - 179 KMs.
  • Surat - 457 KMs.
  • Palanpur - 60 KMs.
  • Aburoad - 23 KMs.

Nearest railway station - Abu Road (Rajasthan Border) Palanpur

Nearest Airport - Ahmedabad

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