Gujarat is home to places like Sabari Dham, Pampa Lake, Anjani Kund, Rameshwar and Unaai that stand witness to events of the ancient epic 'Ramayana'.Some of these places even find mention in old scriptures and religious texts in context with Lord Ram's journey in search of Devi Sita. These places that were once visited by Lord Ram are collectively called as Rampagdandi in Gujarat.

The pilgrim places of Rampagdandi are situated at various locations of Gujarat. The places at Aahva-Dang, Surat and Navsari are in the proximity of one another. Saputara, a beautiful and well known hill station is close from here.

Testaments of Ancient Epics

Shabari Dham

Situated at Dangs in the Saputara district of Gujarat is a temple known as Shabari Dham about 4 km away from the Subir village. People are well versed with the stories of Lord Ram going to various places in search of his wife, Devi Sita, after she was forcibly taken away by Ravana. During this period, when Lord Ram and his brother Lakshman were going around seeking leads for the whereabouts of Sita, they came across an old lady known by the name of Shabari at this particular place in Gujarat. Shabari, who had been waiting for Lord Ram's arrival for years, offered them berries - 'ber' only after tasting each of them to ensure they tasted sweet. Stories of her devotion and faith are narrated even today. Today, she is worshipped as Shabari Mata in Gujarat. Her temple was constructed in 2004 with remarkable drawings depicted on the walls related to this particular episode of the Ramayana. The main chamber of the temple has idols of Lord Ram, Lakshman and Shabari offering berries in a bowl. At the same place, in front of the three statues, are three stones laid down which are supposedly the seats where the three of them sat down to taste the berries.

Pampa Lake

The Pampa Lake, situated along the bank of Poorna River is just 6 km away from Shabari Dham. The guru of Sabari, Matang Rishi is said to have established an ashram here. The lake finds mention in Ramayana as Pushtharini. It was host to Shabari Mata's Maha Kumbh in the year 2006 that was the fifth largest Maha Kumbh in the Indian tradition after the four Maha Kumbhs organised at Haridwar, Prayag, Ujjain and Nashik.

Anjan Kund

Anjan, a village situated in the Dang region of Gujarat is said to be the birth place of Hanumanji. Stories assert that the Anjan Parvat is where Hanumanji's mother - Anjani Mata did her penance. As a result of her devoted penance, she gave birth to Lord Hanuman in the cave located in the centre of the Anjan Parvat — The Anjan Cave. A small water body near the Anjan Cave is said to be the place where Bal Hanuman used to bathe - The Anjan Kund.

Stories of Anjan village related to Hanumanji's childhood make it a place of interest for many pilgrims and tourists, even today.


Unaai village, situated in Vasanda Taluka of Navsari District, is popular for various hot water reservoirs. It is believed that Lord Ram had once called many Brahmins for a 'Yagna' here. In order to fulfil the need of hot water of the Brahmins, he shot an arrow in the land that resulted in producing a flow of hot water. These natural hot water Kundas brought into existence by Lord Ram are said to have medicinal healing properties. The water is believed to be holy, as a source of attaining 'Moksha'. Legends have it that Lord Ram had also bathed in the Kunda so that his ancestors could attain Moksha. Near the Kunda is an Ashram of 'Sarbhang Rishi' whom Lord Ram visited. A bath in the Kunda healed the ailing Rishi as well. According to a myth, a snake that had once fallen into the lake from the beak of an eagle, came out of the lake as a beautiful young woman — 'Apsara' who attained Moksha and ascended towards heaven. Unaai borrows its name from a story stating a dialogue between Ram and Sita. According to the story, Ram asked Sita "Tu Naai?" (Did you take bath in the Kunda), to which she replied saying "Han. Hu naai." This is where Unaai is said to have gotten its name. The Unaai Mataji Temple in the village has an idol of Ambaji established by Devi Sita.


The pilgrim places of Rampagdandi are near to Surat, Navsari and Dang that have good boarding and dining facilities ofall budgets to offer. Surat has many farm houses, resorts and hotels available for tourists. One can always stay at any of these places and visit Rampagdandi as they are close by.


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