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Religious Abundant of Gujarat

The whole state of Gujarat is highly opulent with godly places of pilgrimage and holy temples Ambaji, Somnath, Dwarka, Palitana, Girnar, and Dakor are the chief holy places of Gujarat. Out of 51 "Aady Shakti Pith" the foremost "Aady Shakti Pith" of Ambaji, out of the 12 jyotirlings, the foremost jyotirling of Somnath, out of the "Sat puri", the foremost "Dwarka Puri", one of the "char dham", "Dwarka dham", the world renown biggest jain temple, "Palitana" as well as Dakor, Girnar, and other religious places like Bahucharaji, Pavagadh, Shamlaji, Shree Vardayini Mataji Temple (Rupal), Shree Unai Mataji Mandir (Navsari) etc. are situated in the state of Gujarat. Besides, there are so many places of pilgrimage on the bank of various holy rivers i.e. 'Surparneshwar' on the bank of Narmada, 'Rameshwar' on the bank of Tapi, Temple of 'Siddheshwar Mahadev on the bank of Saraswati. All these rivers have their own religious importance also. It is believed that just drinking of palm full of water of the Ganges, bathing in Narmada and thoughtful remembrance (smaran) of Tapi makes men pious and free from all sins. There is Akshardham temple in the capital of the state, Gandhinagar, Sun Temple at Modhera, Gorgeous Jagannathji temple and ancient temple of Bhadrakali at Ahmedabad. Thus, there are number of dazzling temple of mythological and historical importance in the whole state of Gujarat. Lakhs of devotees from within and outside India pay visits to these holy places of pilgrimage during the year.
The "Garba" of Navratri Mahotsav dedicated to Goddess is famous worldwide. Lakhs of people from within and outside India pay visit in the fair of Bhavnath and Tarnetar. Apart from these "Rathyatra" of Jagannath and festival of "Janmashtami" at Dwarka are also very famous in the country. The fair of 'Bhadarvi Poonam' (Full moon day of Gujarati month Bhadarvo) has especially became the centre of devotion for the devotees.
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